Our Objectives

Relief All For Education, Medical Relief, And The Advancement Of Any
Objec Of General Public Utility

To promote, establish, incorporate, support, maintain and run organizations, institutions, industrial establishments, production centers, for productive employment, engagement of the poor, downtrodden, physicallyhandicapped, partially disabled, socially backward persons, and restitutes and to grant aid and other assistance in cash, or in kind to relief centers, old age homes, orphanage, rehabilitation camp, for the victims of natural calamities, epidemics, and heat wave.
To promote, establish, incorporate, support, maintain, and organizations, institutions and learning centers, for general educations, from primary to post graduation and doctoral level, technical education from I.T.I. level to post graduation and doctoral level including computer and management education, physical and healthcare education including sports, pharmaceutical, medical, dental, homeopathic, ayurvedic, unani, nursing, naturopathy, acting and cinema technology, and carry on research and offer consultancy in the respective fields of education for the development of human resources through diffusion of useful knowledge and to grant aid and other assistance in cash or in kind to students, scholarship, research workers and persons showing exemplary merits in different
Let us look beyond ourselves to built a prosporous Society free of Unemployment, Free of illiteracy, Free of poverty, Free of pollution, and Free of rationalisim
To spread the massage of HUMANISM as one religion Of
human race and UNIVERSALISM as the means towards
TO be an International Frontrunner in Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering In the true spirit of